Switching plan management

Realise your child’s potential. Switch to Australia’s only child focused plan manager today!

Switching plan management providers to PlanM is simple!

At PlanM, we believe that Plan Management is about so much more than just paying bills. It’s the key to unlocking a whole world of supports and services that can help you achieve your plan goals.

We are Australia’s only plan manager focused on supporting children and their parents realise the full potential of their child’s NDIS plan.

We’re here to pass on our specialist NDIS expertise to you to simplify your NDIS experience, reduce your financial admin and give you the confidence to take control of your child’s funding. Think of us as your personal coach, always in your corner and ready to guide you through your NDIS journey.

How to change NDIS plan managers

You can switch plan managers anytime during your plan as simply as 1, 2 and 3.

Contact PlanM to make the switch
Fill out our sign-up form, call our friendly team on 1300 019 334 or email us at hello@planm.com.au
Let your current plan manager know
Email your plan manager using the template found here
Notice period
Continue to use your current plan manager until the notice period with your current plan manager has finished

Why make the change to PlanM?

Designed by parents like you, you and your child deserve a plan manager that you can rely on, reduces your financial admin and supports you to discover and realise the full potential of the NDIS.

Fast, simple payments

Reduce the stress around payments with invoices paid in 2-5 days and 24/7
access to your funding balance

Plan Discovery Session

Unique to PlanM, explore the potential of your plan funding, understand how your budgets work as hours of support and how you can use them

Regular Plan Check Ins

Book quarterly check-ins with your PlanM Guide to check your spending is on track, get advice and information to suit your needs

Specialist NDIS Experts

Our Experts will take the time to help you understand your child’s plan, their goals and how you want to be supported by us

PlanM NDIS Knowledge Hub

Developed by subject matter experts, many who are parents just like you, to build your confidence around the NDIS

Preparation For Reassessment

Provide clear documentation of how you have spent your budgets across your plan, your providers and how your supports relate to your goals

Choice, respect and transparency are at the heart of our values

We understand that you are your child’s advocate and know them best. You can expect respect and transparency from us, to support you to have choice and control over how you manage your child’s funding.


“…with PlanM I now understand the plan, have someone in my corner and can focus on using the funding on the supports which will best help my son.”

Lisa, NSW


“your sessions and checklists were great to help me understand how I can better use the remaining funds within my son’s plan on innovative supports that will help him build his confidence, communication and friendships outside of a therapy session.”


“PlanM’s Breakdown and Implementation session was really helpful to see and understand how to allocate my sons funding all in the one place. The PlanM Guide also gave me some great ideas around innovative supports available to my son.”

Ready to take control
of your plan?

Contact us today and we’ll guide you through the process.

PlanM is a related independent business of the Mable Group

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