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New to plan management

Don’t know where to
start with your NDIS Plan? Our friendly team will listen to your challenges and help you get started using your child’s NDIS funding.

Switching plan managers

Haven’t got the support from your current plan manager? Switching plan managers is simple. We believe that Plan Management is about so much more than just paying bills.


Want more support as a self-manager? Get access to our Plan Discovery Session to better understand your child’s plan, maximise their budget spend and find out about innovative support.

PlanM makes it simple

Designed by parents like you, our PlanM Guides and Experts are there for you as you navigate the NDIS starting with our PlanM Discovery session and tools.

Fast, safe and secure payment of your NDIS invoices within 2-5 days

Plan Discovery Session at no additional cost for managed clients

Regular budget check ins with our friendly experts

Recommendations for providers tailored to supporting kids and young adults

PlanM NDIS Knowledge Hub designed to build your confidence around the NDIS

Help at any point in your NDIS journey, including those mid-way through their plan or preparing for plan reassessment

So whether it's your child's first plan, you have been with the NDIS for years, or you’re at a point of transition in your child’s life, know that PlanM can support you.

Choice, respect and transparency are at the heart of our values

We understand that you are your child’s advocate and know them best. You can expect respect and transparency from us, to support you to have choice and control over how you manage your child’s funding.


“…with PlanM I now understand the plan, have someone in my corner and can focus on using the funding on the supports which will best help my son.”

Lisa, NSW


“your sessions and checklists were great to help me understand how I can better use the remaining funds within my son’s plan on innovative supports that will help him build his confidence, communication and friendships outside of a therapy session.”


“PlanM’s Breakdown and Implementation session was really helpful to see and understand how to allocate my sons funding all in the one place. The PlanM Guide also gave me some great ideas around innovative supports available to my son.”

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