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Self Managers - PlanM is here to support you too!

Self-management gives you independence but you don’t have to do it all alone.

PlanM understands the importance of parents being able to self-manage their plans but with the NDIS changing all the time, self-managers can also need support to understand their child’s plan, maximise their budget spend and find out about innovative support.

Support for self-managers

The PlanM team has developed a Plan Discovery Package for self-managers to give you the support and confidence that you’re realising the full potential of the NDIS for your child. You can purchase the Plan Discovery Package using the funds within your plan and use it at any stage of your plan.

PlanM Plan Discovery Session

Exclusive to PlanM, this session explores the potential of your funded areas, breaks down your current budget into hours of support and then looks at how you can use these most effectively.

You can claim your Discovery Session from your NDIS plan. We simply send you an invoice detailing the service we provide. Get in contact today to find out more about this Session and payment information.

Choice, respect and transparency are at the heart of our values

We understand that you are your child’s advocate and know them best. You can expect respect and transparency from us, to support you to have choice and control over how you manage your child’s funding.


“…with PlanM I now understand the plan, have someone in my corner and can focus on using the funding on the supports which will best help my son.”

Lisa, NSW


“your sessions and checklists were great to help me understand how I can better use the remaining funds within my son’s plan on innovative supports that will help him build his confidence, communication and friendships outside of a therapy session.”


“PlanM’s Breakdown and Implementation session was really helpful to see and understand how to allocate my sons funding all in the one place. The PlanM Guide also gave me some great ideas around innovative supports available to my son.”

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PlanM is a related independent business of the Mable Group